You are one of a kind. WE are one of a kind!

Bonnie Boutique Co has decided to revert back to its roots. We used to make custom clothing! It was a one of a kind situation, each clothing peace was crafted by hand. This made each piece unique, just like you. Bonnie wants to revert back because we realized the joy in customers faces on having a one of a kind item and it being all theirs.

To tell you the truth buying in bulk was just not our style, it didn't separate us from other boutiques. We sat there wondering what was going to make us stand out, make us different. Then we realized - WE STARTED OUT AS ONE OF A KIND! We immediately got to work on designs and started picking up patterns that would fit the gowns silhouette.

The Danielle Dress is the first one of a kind silhouette dress to launch on Bonnie Boutique Co. The team was so stoked to announce it on all our media and get our customers excited that they now can have something that is...


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