Lucky Number 6

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Hello Bonnie Lovers!

I am here to today to tell you about the lucky number 6.

The number 6 can represent a lot of things in our lives such as: (lucky number, anniversary, how old someone is etc...) but, in this case it represents fashion.

How did the number 6 get brought into the fashion world you ask? Well, one day I was talking to my friend [Danielle] and she mentioned she watched a video on how many accessories to pair with your outfit before you leave your house. That day Danielle decided to give it a go and counted how many accessories she paired with her outfit before leaving her house. This conversation turned into us counting each item on us and others around us to see if we succeeded at pairing 6 items with our outfits.

Now he lucky number 6 is supposed to help you create a full accessorized outfit and giving the outfit of choice a little more flare. I thought this concept was so interesting I had to post about it and share with everyone how helpful this tip actually is. This tip can take a plain colored blouse and jeans look to a whole new level for ex: (reference the photo above). We have a plain white blouse with a cute bow, and a pair of black denim jeans. They paired that outfit with, a pair of black leather heels, a green scarf, gold bagel bracelets, gold diamond earrings, a cute black and white heather coat and a gold watch. Those are the lucky 6 items.

Next time before you head out the door make sure to count those 6 lucky items and make sure that outfit is on point!

Love always,


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