How Bonnie Boutique Co happened.

Hello Bonnie Lovers!

This post will be going over the story of how Bonnie Boutique Co got its name.

Bonnie Boutique Co is more than a name for a trending boutique, it's a person. This particular person so happened to be my Grandmother. She was full of light and positive attitude. I couldn't have asked for a better individual to be apart of my life.

Bonnie was the definition of expression; self expression. She wore her personality on the outside so everyone knew who she was just by glancing at her on the side of the road. She had this heart that could love so much that you could feel each heart beat when she hugged you.

My Grandmother was all about coming together as a family and enjoying each others company so we would have each other when we need one another. She taught all of us women in the family that the most important thing with a family full of girls is sisterhood. Sisterhood is strong and creates a bond that could never be broken.

Sisterhood wasn't the only thing she taught us; She also taught us expression and how important it was to show individuals who you are. Self expression is a key to opening up your personality. One way to show that expression is through what you wear and that is what Bonnie Boutique Co is there for. We are here to provide you a closet full of Personality that you can wear. Bonnie Boutique Co was made to help individuals like you or me to show who we are on the inside.

Bonnie Boutique Co is sisterhood, self expression, standing up for who you are, and showing the world what makes you, YOU!

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