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I bet many of you are wondering, "What is Bonnie's Trend?" Well if you look to the left Jackie Burkhart is where we get most of our fashion inspiration from. As you can see in this picture her character is based in the 70's, OBVIOUSLY! However, a lot of her clothing is very preppy correct? Jackie Burkhart almost started the 90's trend and didn't even realize it.

Jackie Burkhart's clothing prints are both decades in one. The 70's used a lot of flower prints as well the 90's. The silhouette of her outfits are also both decades going from the collars around the neck of the dress or shirt, the cropped sweaters, or whimsey cute ruffles.

Looking back at the fashion between both decades they are very similar in style. That is why Bonnie Boutique Co is bringing you both. We want to carry clothing that resembles both decades into one. You might find a dress that looks more 70's but if you look closer into detail you will see that there might be stitching or patterns, and even silhouettes that look 90's.

We hope that you enjoy all the products and clothing that Bonnie Boutique Co brings to you. This Boutique wants to help you fill your closet with more expression of who YOU are or in this case who you would be in two different decades! Could you be a Cher from "Clueless" or a Jackie Burkhart from "That 70's Show".

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