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A brand that provides you a closet of self expression. Bonnie is known for it's empowerment of being who you really are; a "wear what makes you feel good" vibe. Our family is here to give you a look to go with your confidence! Check out our Instagram to see the clothing in action on our models!

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What "Bonnie" stands for:

Wear yourself,with no shame.

Bonnie is an inspiration. She taught independence, strength, and love. She was a Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother. Bonnie had her own sense of style, not in the fashion sense but in terms of personality; she wore that best. Bonnie is the person to have to make you laugh till you snort, love you when you're down, and care till it hurts. The team hopes that she will inspire you to be who you are. May you rest in peace Bonnie Lou Allen.



Bonnie Lou Allen




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